Group Health


Profile: Group Health Cooperative

General: Group Health is a nonprofit, patient-governed health care system that provides both health insurance coverage and care. More than 580,000 residents of Washington state and North Idaho participate in plans offered by Group Health and its subsidiaries, most of whom receive care in Group Health facilities.

Accredited: Yes. To see how the Group Health facilities measures up on overall quality and in specific areas see the Joint Commissions page for Group Health facilities.

Research: Yes. The Group Health Center for Health Studies conducts studies on diseases and their prevention and treatment as well as studies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health services.

Highlights: Group Health is one of the few patient-governed health-care organizations in the country. All health plan participants aged 18 and older are eligible to vote for the Board of Trustees, on organizational bylaw amendments and policy-related advisory resolutions.  Group Health family medical centers include doctors offices, a pharmacy and lab services in one location. Members can also consult a free nurse hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Facilities and services: To learn more about the clinics, hospitals and other services Group Health members can use go to the Group Health website.


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