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Minimum wage a health issue? States take a broader view of health disparities.


Minnesota_population_map_croppedBy Michael Ollove

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.— For years, proposals to raise the minimum wage in Minnesota bogged down over economic concerns: Would a raise impel businesses to leave the state? Would it decrease employment? Would it touch off inflation?

The supporters’ main argument, that raising the minimum wage would put more money into the pockets of low-wage workers and their families, fell short.

This year, proponents seized on a new strategy: They convinced the legislature to ask the Minnesota Department of Health to analyze the health impact of the state’s minimum wage of $6.15 an hour, which is among the lowest in the country.

The department’s subsequent analysis revealed that health and income levels were inextricably linked. Whether it was rates of adequate prenatal care, infant mortality, diabetes, suicide risk, or lack of insurance, the results for poorer Minnesotans were vastly inferior to residents with higher incomes.

In fact, Minnesotans living in the highest income areas of the Twin Cities region lived eight years longer than those living in the poorest.

The report virtually ended the debate. The legislature voted to phase in an increase in the minimum wage to $9.50—one of the highest in the country—with automatic subsequent increases indexed to the rate of inflation. Continue reading


Wall Street is ‘bullish’ on 2015 Obamacare enrollment


bullish-enrollment-obamacare-570By Julie Appleby

A group of Wall Street analysts predicted Friday that enrollment in health law insurance plans will be higher than the 9 million projected by the Obama administration because insurers are aggressively courting new customers and more small businesses are likely to send workers to the online exchanges in 2015.

Health sector analyst Carl McDonald of Citi Investment Research said he expects about 11 million people to enroll in individual health plans, based on his firm’s survey of clients in October.

“I’m more optimistic,” McDonald said at the 19th annual “Wall Street Comes to Washington” roundtable, sponsored by the Jayne Koskinas Ted Giovanis Foundation for Health and Policy.

More aggressive outreach by insurers and fewer glitches with the online marketplaces will create a “robust 2015,” agreed Ralph Giacobbe, an analyst at Credit Suisse. Continue reading


Seniors’ obesity-counseling benefit goes largely unused


ScaleBy Phil Galewitz

Three years ago, the Obama administration offered hope to millions of overweight seniors when it announced Medicare would offer free weight-loss counseling.

Officials estimated that about 30 percent of seniors are obese and therefore eligible for counseling services, which studies have shown improve the odds of significant weight loss.

But less than 1 percent of Medicare’s 50 million beneficiaries have used the benefit so far. Experts blame the government’s failure to promote the program, rules that limit where and when patients can go for counseling as well as the low fees for providers.

Since November 2011, about 120,000 seniors have participated, including about 50,000 last year, according to federal data.

“It’s very disappointing,” said Dr. Scott Kahan, an obesity medicine specialist at George Washington University.

“It’s a huge lost opportunity,” said Bonnie Modugno, a registered dietician in Santa Monica, Calif., who advises doctors how to provide weight loss counseling.

By  comparison, about 250,000 seniors last year used Medicare’s tobacco cessation counseling benefit, which started in 2005 and offers greater flexibility about how providers can offer it. Nationally, 9 percent of seniors smoke, while 30 percent are obese. Continue reading


Boeing’s new accountable care health plans with UW Medicine and Providence-Swedish take off – Puget Sound Business Journal


boeing-logoThe accountable care plans aim to lower costs for both employees and the company by incentivizing employee wellness and creating a more coordinated system to provide health care. By creating contracts directly between the employer and the health systems, the goal of these new systems is to reduce costs and confusion that often come from dealing with third parties while also improving care.

via Boeing’s new health plans with UW Medicine and Providence-Swedish take off – Puget Sound Business Journal.


Big changes for 2015 workplace plans: Watch out for these six possible pitfalls


sixBy Jay Hancock

You don’t get a pass this year on big health insurance decisions because you’re not shopping in an Affordable Care Act marketplace. Employer medical plans — where most working-age folks get coverage — are changing too.

Rising costs, a looming tax on rich benefit packages and the idea that people should buy medical treatment the way they shop for cell phones have increased odds that workplace plans will be very different in 2015.

“If there’s any year employees should pay attention to their annual enrollment material, this is probably the year,” said Brian Marcotte, CEO of the National Business Group on Health, which represents large employers.

In other words, don’t blow off the human resources seminars. Ask these questions.

1. Is my doctor still in the network?

Some employers are shifting to plans that look like the HMOs of the 1990s, with limited networks of physicians and hospitals. Provider affiliations change even when companies don’t adopt a “narrow network.”  Continue reading


Small business plans now available on the SHOP marketplace



Small business owners: SHOP coverage is now available online at

Start your SHOP application 

Need help? You can contact a SHOP-registered agent or broker in your area or call 1-800-706-7893 (TTY: 711), Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm ET.


Obama urges Americans to sign up for health insurance:


Obama urges Americans to sign up for health insurance:

“From November 15 to February 15, Americans across the country can sign up for a plan at and join the 8 million Americans who got covered last year. Need coverage? Go to to get started. Already covered? This is where you want to be. Share the facts and meet the faces of health care, then commit to get your friend, family member, or someone you know covered for 2015.”


Washington Healthplanfinder back up and running


Coverage is hereWashington Healthplanfinder is back up and running after an opening day glitch caused some visitors to receive incorrect tax credit amounts.

The site was taken offline to address the problem, which is now fixed, Richard Onizuka, CEO for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, said in a statement this morning.

“We have identified fewer than 800 customers who had their eligibility determined incorrectly and less than 150 hundred customers who scheduled payment. We will be contacting each person to provide them with their accurate tax credit amount,” Onizuka said.


Last-minute sign up tips for health insurance


ACA health reform logoFrom Washington Healthplanfinder 

Washington Healthplanfinder has some last-minute health insurance shopping tips for you. The exchange enrollment period starts today, Nov. 15, 2014, at 8 a.m.

Help will be available across the state for customers who would like to start the application process this weekend. The open enrollment period runs through Feb. 15, 2015.

To help residents get enrolled, Washington Healthplanfinder developed these helpful tips and guidelines: Continue reading


Perry-Appointed Board Backs Health Coverage Expansion | The Texas Tribune


200px-Flag-map_of_TexasThe 15-member Texas Institute of Health Care Quality and Efficiency recommended that the state’s health commissioner be authorized to negotiate a Texas-specific agreement with the federal government to expand health coverage to the poor, “using available federal funds.”

“We’re trying to look at actions whereby more Texans can be covered,” said board chairman Steve Berkowitz, the president and founder 0f SMB Health Consulting. “We’re trying to take the politics out of it.”

via Perry-Appointed Board Backs Health Coverage Expansion | The Texas Tribune.


Florida hospitals could lose billions without Medicaid expansion, group warns | The Miami Herald


500px-Flag_of_Florida.svgFlorida legislators’ refusal to expand the eligibility criteria for Medicaid as called for under the Affordable Care Act might cost billions of dollars in lost funding for hospitals that treat many uninsured patients, according to a report released Monday by Florida Legal Services, a nonprofit legal advocate for the poor.

via Florida hospitals could lose billions without Medicaid expansion, group warns | The Miami Herald.


King County to take “all-hands-on-deck” approach to cover the uninsured


Renewed effort to get all of King County insured; ‘Kick Off’ events this Saturday

From Public Health – Seattle & King County

SeattleIn just the first year of expanded access under the federal Affordable Care Act, more than a third of the uninsured residents in King County have enrolled in a health insurance plan.

Now, King County is redoubling efforts to reach the remaining uninsured, as the state’s second “Open Enrollment” season launches on Saturday, November 15.

“Our ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach last season helped nearly 200,000 people in King County enroll in health insurance, cutting the rate of the uninsured by more than one third and providing a model for the nation,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine. “The more people we help enroll this season, the stronger we make our region’s health and economy.”

The Public Health department is coordinating nearly 100 outreach locations this month, which will be staffed by local organizations with certified in-person assisters, called “Navigators.

”During open enrollment, from November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015, individuals can purchase health insurance plans through the Washington Healthplanfinder website or through the state’s help-line, at 855-923-4633.

The county’s strategy builds on last year’s successes and brings new ways to assist those who need help enrolling.

For example, this year, the enrollment season kicks-off with two events at major shopping malls, where the public can find in-person help, in multiple languages: Continue reading