Health headlines from this week’s Seattle Times

Sunday, June 30, 2013
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How’s your posture right now?
Standing or sitting up straight is harder than it looks, but being aware of your body position is a great first step. (Sun, 6/30)

On Fitness
Good food can do more than ab crunches 
Want to whittle your middle a little? Exercise alone will not do the job. You’ll need to step away from that power-sized Peanut Butter Moo’d smoothie to get rid of dangerous belly fat. (Sun, 6/30)

One healthful thing we love
Firecracker 5000 5K Run/Walk, 11:55 p.m. July 3 (Sun, 6/30)

The People’s Pharmacy
Persistent plantar warts defy treatment
People’s Pharmacy on plantar warts, a link between hypoglycemia and dementia, and red-meat allergies. (Sun, 6/30)

Fit For Life
Self-defense classes put students on the path to confidence and skill
Establish boundaries with tools like voice and eye contact, and you are much less likely to be attacked. (Fri, 6/28)

Ailing child gets a second lung transplant
The first set of lungs failed within hours of the June 12 transplant at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Sarah Murnaghan was placed on machines. She received a second set of lungs June 15. (Fri, 6/28)

Final compromise issued on birth-control mandate
The changes to the contraceptive-coverage rule are unlikely to resolve objections from faith groups that say the requirement violates their religious freedom. (Fri, 6/28)

Hospitals seek high-tech help for hand hygiene 
Hospitals have fretted for years over how to make sure doctors, nurses and staff keep their hands clean, but with only limited success. Now, some are turning to technology – beepers, buzzers, lights and tracking systems that remind workers to sanitize, and chart those who don’t. (Fri, 6/28)

Fit & Fun
Getting a competitive kick out of hacky sack
The US Open Footbag Championships take place June 29 and 30 at Seattle’s Washington Athletic Club. (Thu, 6/27)

Court: Hobby Lobby can challenge health care law 
An appeals court said Thursday that Hobby Lobby and a sister company that sells Christian books and supplies can fight the nation’s new health care law on religious grounds, ruling the portion of the law that requires them to offer certain kinds of birth control to their employees is particularly onerous, and suggesting the companies shouldn’t have to pay millions of dollars in fines while their claims are considered. (Thu, 6/27)

Goodbye M&M’s, hello granola bars as school snacks 
Kids, your days of blowing off those healthier school lunches and filling up on cookies from the vending machine are numbered. The government is onto you. (Thu, 6/27)

Supreme Court tells Oklahoma to review abortion-pill law
The state said its aim was to protect the health of women by ensuring abortion pills are used in accord with federal protocols. But a legal challenge says the law, if put into effect, would prevent women from using these approved medications to induce abortion. (Thu, 6/27)

NIH to retire most chimps from medical research 
It’s official: The National Institutes of Health plans to end most use of chimpanzees in government medical research, saying humans’ closest relatives “deserve special respect.” (Wed, 6/26)