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Eating out adds on the pounds – CDC


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New year, new resolutions but it’s the same busy schedule. Families today lead busy lives balancing work, school, and play. Our busy schedules often mean that we don’t have time to make meals for ourselves and find ourselves grabbing food on the go. Sometimes this food isn’t always the healthiest for us.

The food we make at home tends to be cheaper and healthier for us. Did you know that in 1960 26% of the money spent on food in the United States was on food eaten away from home, and by 2011 that number had jumped to nearly half?

Americans now buy and consume food away from home an average of four times a week which can mean an extra eight pounds a year. The more we eat away from home, the more those pounds add up.

Our busy schedules don’t mean we have to eat unhealthy foods. We can plan ahead and make a meal or a snack to take with us on days we know we’ll be rushed. On the days when we don’t have time to plan ahead we can order healthier meal options or smaller sizes.

By making small changes, we can all stick to our New Year’s resolutions and keep our busy schedules.

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