Moving Forward: new video series for young adults with cancer.


The American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Lance Armstrong Foundation have launched a  patient education video series for young adults with cancer.

The 13 video series,“Moving Forward: Perspectives from Survivors and Doctors,” seeks to address critical issues that young adults with cancer may face and helps them better understand and cope with challenges related to their diagnosis.

The first four videos include an introduction and videos with information about fertility, fear of recurrence and bills and medical expenses.

Each month new videos featuring ASCO members will be paired with survivor vignettes addressing issues such as body changes, dating and sexuality, diet and exercise, family and friends, fear of dying, health insurance, pain and swelling, school and work.

From the ASCO release:

Young adults with cancer often have different concerns compared with children and older adults with cancer, some of which may arise even before they receive a cancer diagnosis. For example, even if a person has symptoms of cancer, the young adult and the health care team may not act on these symptoms because cancer is not a likely explanation. In addition, they may not have health insurance, or they may have limited financial resources to pay for cancer treatment even if they do have insurance. Young adults with cancer also have a wide range of emotional, physical, and social concerns, including relationships, sexuality, parenthood, education, and employment.

Cancer is much less common among younger adults than it is among older adults, affecting about 70,000 in their 20s and 30s each year.

However, in contrast to the progress in cancer survival rates overall, the survival rates for patients ages 15 through 39 who have cancer have not improved in more than 30 years, ASCO said.

The entire series is featured on ASCO’s patient information website and on the Foundation’s YouTube site.

The video series was made possible by a grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation to the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which supports Cancer.Net.

These videos and additional resources for young adults with cancer are available at, on Cancer.Net’s YouTube site and the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s YouTube site, and they will also be featured through the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s blog at starting April 10.


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